Wedding dress designs that are in this season

One of the most romanticized moments in a girl’s life is the day of her marriage. Most girls have fantasized about getting married at least once in her life and therefore the wedding has to be absolutely perfect. The first thing most girls fantasize about is looking like a princess on her wedding day and therefore, the wedding dress that a bride-to-be is to wear must match up to their expectation. Thus, it is extremely important that you are up-to-date with the recent trends of wedding fashion. Moreover, it is also important to stay grounded in tradition. So, if you are confused about what to wear for your big day, here are a few ideas to help you through the ordeal.

The year 2015 has been a landmark in Pakistani Bridal fashion with almost all the leading fashion designers going all out to create stunning bridal wear pieces that are sure to help you achieve the perfect look for your big day. With the recent interest in bridal dresses and westernized gowns, these designers have come up with amazing ways to incorporate both the influences of the East and the West to create bridal wear that is truly one of a kind. One of the things that you must keep in mind on your wedding day is that it is not always socially acceptable to stray from tradition too much as it can be quite scandalous and disrespectful. So a combination of both the western and eastern influence is a better idea if you are looking to wear a gown to the ceremony. In this respect, an anarkali gown can be a very good idea for a wedding gown. With the small train and beautiful detailing, these gowns are simply majestic and is ideal for anyone who is looking to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

If you are planning on a more traditional look, lehengas and shararas are the way to go. However, with the beautiful designs and resplendent embroidery work in different types of zari, dabka as well as other beats. These wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to be old-fashioned as designers are coming up with beautiful types of embroidery work that preserve the tradition of the country as well as add a modernistic twist to the dresses. With several outfits to be chosen for each individual day of the ceremony, it is a good idea to experiment with the different styles and designs that are available and figure out the one that looks perfect for you.

Another option for women is a gorgeous anarkali with a skirt. This dress belonging to the Mughal era will help you to feel like every bit the regal princess that you dreamt of being and help you steal the limelight on your special day.

With a myriad of options to choose from, you can have a great time with shopping for your ideal wedding dress. These are some of the styles that can help you look radiant and gorgeous on your wedding day and help you feel like a princess.

Top versatile fashion designer Pakistan

Fashion trends have dramatically changed over the few decades all around the globe. The same thing also happened in Pakistan. Western trends, styles and pattern also inspired Pakistani fashion. Bollywood and Hollywood played a vital role in setting different fashion trends in Pakistan. In this respect, Pakistani women adapted the styles and pattern used by the Bollywood actresses. With the passage of time, fashion designers in Pakistan started to capture the fashion industry of Pakistan. At the initial stage, outfits of fashion designer Pakistan were considered to be expensive, and only a specific class used to purchase these attires. But with the growing trend of designer’s wear, now the common people also got access to these outfits. Now a day, designer’s wear are available in relatively low and affordable prices. After the 90s, history of fashion designer Pakistan has witnessed many top designers. These designers got tremendous appreciation not only in Pakistan but also across the border. Today, I will throw light on top fashion designers of Pakistan.

Hasan Shehryar Haseen

Without any doubts, HSY is a big name in Pakistan fashion industry. Back in 1994, HSY started his fashion career. He started his career from the historical city of Lahore. He began his career as a fashion choreographer; then he turned into a full-time fashion designer. HSY brought a fusion of Eastern and Western styles in his outfits, especially the bridal collection. The attires of HSY are not only famous in Pakistan but also around the world. HSY designs are elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and modish and for any confident woman that is looking for apparel that is complimentary to her looks. Apart from that, HSY is known as the symbol of Pakistan fashion industry for many reasons.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is yet another prominent name in Pakistan fashion industry. Asim Jofa started his career to carry on the legacy of jewelry designing by his forefathers. He is the owner of a top quality diamond outlet. His designs got enormous popularity not only in Pakistan but also in Canada, UK and USA.

Deepak Parwani

He is not only a top class fashion designer, but he is also known for his acting skills. He is known for using the textiles and fabric in many styles. Heavy embroidered outfits and bridal wear are the main products of Deepak Parwani. In addition to that, he participated in several national and international fashion shows.


Without Maria.B, Pakistan fashion industry is incomplete. This hard working and passionate lady brought a revolution in the fashion industry of Pakistan. She is the owner of several outlets throughout Pakistan. Apart from that, she has introduced a number of labels such as M Girl, M Kids, Evening wear, Formal wear, Bridal Wear, Maria B Linen, Maria B Cotton, Maria B Lawn and Casual wear, etc. She introduced new patterns and styles in shalwar kameez. The important aspect about Maria.B is that she not only manufactures clothes for ladies but also for young girls. In this way, women have the luxury to purchase the outfits for their young daughters too.

Bunto Kazmi

If you are a lover and admirer of Mughal era, Bunto Kazmi designs are the best choice for you. As a matter of fact, almost all the outfits by Bunto Kazmi revolve around the underlying theme of ‘Mughal era’. She presented Pakistani traditional outfits both on the national and international ramps. Her bridal collection is heavily embroidered yet comfortable to wear. There is no doubt that she is one of the most talented and versatile designers of Pakistan fashion industry.

All in all, these are only a few names of fashion designer Pakistan. Pakistan has a long list of talented and versatile fashion designers.

Top Pakistani fashion brands

 We see that fashion industries are playing a very vital role in fulfilling the needs of their customers according to their desires and requirements. In this regard Pakistani fashion industry is also performing its important part by providing its customers the best of the clothing products for making a move with the world. People in Pakistan have tended dramatically to adopt latest trends in fashion circles around the world. Fashion sense has grown in people of all group ages, especially for women who love to have unique designs in their wearing collection. The matching sense is also boosting the industry to bring much more.  No doubt, It is a fact that women love to look beautiful and different. That is why women are so conscious about their clothes. The females in Pakistan want to use clothing brands which are World class and different as per desires. Therefore, designers have compelled to introduce the best to their customers. To achieve this goal they design their product which may look unique, attractive, best in quality, desirous, and different from other designer’s product. Now, the Western fashions are also in the clothes, but mostly people like to wear the dresses which traditionally sound them the best. It all can be seen in many colors of dresses, in different designs and especially in the tastes of people in our society. As this industry has grown bigger so, it is becoming a very profitable industry day by day. Therefore, the trend of being a fashion designer is on its way to increase. Many new fashion designers who recently have joined this field are doing a tremendous job in this regard and are successfully running their brands. Their efforts are not only being recognized within the country but also around the world in golden words.

We have prepared a list of top ten Pakistani fashion brands in Pakistan.

  1. Gull Ahmad:

No doubt, that Gull Ahmad is a big name in the textile industry. It is one of those prominent names which the Textile and Fashion Industry of Pakistan cannot forget at any cost. Gul Ahmed offers a lot of clothing brands of international quality and design not only for women but also for all genders of all group ages. It also offers fashion accessories of different categories like, shoes, jewelry, bags, perfumes and lot more other articles which are desired by fashion lovers. It is considered as number one among Pakistani fashion brands.


Nishat is world famous Pakistani brand. It has its spreads all over Asia and other countries of the world. Since, its inception in 1951, the brand is offering various Linen Dresses, Lawn Collections, and special occasion collections to its customers. Seasonal and Bridal dresses are in its brand collection. Nishat also offers Home Textile & the home decorations.


Since, 1985 Bareeze has got a famous place in Pakistani fashion industry by providing a variety of high-quality range of the Dresses which women to wear. The Bareeze Lawn is not only famous in Pakistan, but its demand is also increasing worldwide. Bazreeze also offers Home decoration items. It is top Pakistan fashion brand that provides superior quality designs in Lawn suiting.


Among the reputable brands of the fashion industry, Al-Karam is also the one which women love to wear. Al-Karam provides high-quality fabrics and elegant Dresses for all the occasions.

5-Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed brand was established in 2002, in Karachi. It offers a large variety of clothes to its customers. This Brand offers a high range of outfits with unique and color combination designs that differentiate it from the other outlets. The Kurtas are especially popular among the Fashion Lovers.

.6-Chen One

Chen one is a Pakistani Female Brands in Pakistan. It has thousands of stores across Pakistan. The Chen One offers cultural as well as Western Dresses along with ready to wear clothes. The Home Decoration pieces & accessories like perfumes jewelry, bags can also be found in its outlets.

Apart from that, there is a long list of Pakistani fashion brands that we will discuss in our upcoming posts.

Latest trends in shalwar kamiz

Without any doubts, shalwar kamiz is one of the most popular and admired Pakistani traditional dress. Pakistani ladies love to wear this attire because it is very comfortable and easy to wear. With the passage of time, shalwar kamiz has been changed to a larger extent both in the terms of fabric and style. With the advent of 21st century, many designers created fabulous and astonishing designs of shalwar kamiz. This revolution has entirely changed the patterns and basic designs of shalwar kamiz. Today, I will tell you about new styles of shalwar kamiz that are in fashion now a day.

Patiala shalwar kamiz

This design basically revolves around the Patiala shalwar. Well, it is a broad shalwar with several layers. Some people mix this design with the Punjabi shalwar, but it is not true. Women usually wear tight and short shirts with the Patiala shalwar. If you use embroidery on the shirt, it will enhance the overall beauty and charm of the attire. Apart from that, you must wear some fancy shoes with Patiala shalwar kamiz because it is commonly very colorful outfit. As far as the fabric is concerned, the suitable fabrics for this design are grip, linen, silk and georgette. You must use colorful fabric, and the bright colors are appropriate in this respect. It is suitable for women between the ages of 18 to 35. However, you can wear it during any part of your age.

A-line shalwar kamiz

It is still popular among the Pakistani women. In this design, the Kameez is in the shape of English letter A. It is slightly tight at the top and it makes the shape of capital A at the bottom. The length of the Kameez is always long while you can use different styles of shalwar with it. For instance, you can use a shalwar that is tight at the bottom, or you can wear a shalwar that has layers at the bottom. A good thing about this design is that you can make it any fabric like cotton, silk, chiffon, linen, etc. In this way, you can select a piece of fabric from a wide range. The choice of color is also unlimited in this respect.

Anarkali shalwar kamiz

This style came from the Mughal era. The royal women introduced this style to the common women of the subcontinent. As a matter of fact, the Anarkali shalwar kamiz design has not changed to a greater extent. Women usually wear tight pajama with a long Anarkali style Kameez. The Anarkali Kameez is tight at the chest height or the hip height. You can make the Kameez in two styles: one is like a frock and the other is like A-line Kameez. It also serves as a party wear. During the last century, Anarkali shalwar kamiz was also used as a bridal wear. Now a day, this design is usually used for the Mehndi function. The best thing about Anarkali shalwar kamiz is that it is still popular, and it is not out of fashion yet. So you can make an Anarkali shalwar kamiz and wear it during all the seasons. As far as the fabric and color choice is concerned, you can choose any color and material.

Designer Shalwar kamiz

With the growing trend of boutiques, the designer shalwar Kameez has gained enormous popularity. Designers are blending the western and eastern styles in the shalwar Kameez. As a result, we can observe many new styles in shalwar Kameez. Designers have introduced a new term in this respect, known as ‘mix n match.’ Now women have the luxury to buy a Kameez and match the shalwar of their choice.

Pakistani bridal fashion-bridal dress and jewelry

When we think about Pakistani bridal fashion, several things like bright colors, jewelry and a mixture of new and old style come in our mind. From the fashion accessories to apparel, you come across non-stop variations regarding style and fashion. All the girls are always curious and passionate about the most important day of their life. They want to look attractive, lovely and unique. In fact, girls and their families start the preparation of wedding ceremony several months before the date of the event. Pakistani bridal fashion mainly revolves around the bridal dress, jewelry, and other accessories. Let me start with the bridal dress.

Bridal dress

Being a female, all of us want to look like a million dollar bride on our wedding day. In Pakistan, brides usually wear ethnic and traditional dresses for their marriage. Heavy machine or hand embroidery is applied to enhance the elegancy and charisma of the dress. Fabric including pure chiffon, silk, banarsi, brocade, net, tissue, organza, and georgette are used as the primary material of a bridal dress. In addition to that, bridal dresses are studded with beads, sequins and crystal stones. Red is considered as the main color for the bridal dress. But with the passage of time, we have witnessed few revolutionary changes in Pakistani bridal fashion. People are now using other colors than red such as blue, golden, brown, off white mixed with golden or brown. But heavy embroidery is always an integral part of Pakistani bridal dress.

As far as the style of Pakistani bridal dress is considered, it heavily depends upon the region of the bride. The culture often inspires these styles. Typically, brides wear shalwar kameez, lehnga, hidrabadi frock with choridar pajama, embroided ungrakha with choridar pajama, sharara, and gharara. With the moderinization, now people are adapting many other styles and varieties of bridal dresses. These modern bridal dresses are inspired by the cultures of Turkey, Iran and in some cases west.

As Pakistani wedding ceremonies consist of two to three days so bridal dresses are prepared according to the particular function of the marriage. For the event of Mehndi, brides usually wear shalwar kameez with a dopatta. The color of the dopatta is yellow or orange. These colors are considered as a symbol of the Mehndi function and we don’t see any diversity in this respect.

Bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry is an integral part of Pakistani bridal fashion.


It is a forehead ornament. It is attached to the hair, and the length is up to the hairline. It is an important part of Pakistani bridal fashion.

Nath or Nose-rings

It is a nose-ring but it is hefty, and it may include precious stones and gems, etc. Modern brides now wear diamond nose-ring.


Various precious materials make these necklaces like gold, platinum, silver, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. These are multi-layered heavy chains. Without a necklace, bride accessories are considered as incomplete.


The bride wears Set of six to ten bangles. Now a day, heavy stones are also used in the bracelets made for Pakistani bride.


It has now become a common practice to use Panjagla instead of rings. It looks pretty, and it is also heavier as compared to the rings.

Toe rings/ Anklet

Bejeweled golden and silver anklets along with beautiful toe-rings are also an important part of Pakistani bridal fashion.


It has gained extreme popularity in the recent time. It is a bracelet that is worn on the upper part of the arm.

Whether it is Pakistani bridal dress or jewelry, a huge amount of money is spent, and it is also considered as a tradition in Pakistan.

Pakistan fashion botik-My first choice

Why purchase dress from Pakistan fashion botik

Women are always curious about fashion. They want to keep themselves up to date regarding latest fashion trends, styles, and patterns. A new season brings a vast collection of outfits that are mainly introduced through the fashion botiks. When we peep into the history of Pakistan fashion, we come to know about the reality that women used to purchase the unstitched clothes. These unstitched clothes were considered as a good choice for many reasons. Women always looked for a fine and sustainable fabric. But the growing trend of Pakistan fashion botik changed the whole scenario. As a matter of fact, these fashion botiks not only introduced high-quality material and designs, but they also changed the consumer behavior. There are many reasons why you must purchase attire from a Pakistan fashion botik. Let us cast a cursory glance at some of the primary motives for this purchasing pattern.

Pakistan fashion botik outfits are unique and exclusive

First of all, these botik outfits are manufactured in a limited quantity. That is why; you can look prominent because there are fewer possibilities that someone else would wear the same dress as you. Apart from that, all of us want to look different regarding our outfit at any function. A botik dress provides us the luxury to look unique and different from others. Only a small group of people purchase a similar dress, so the possibility of uniqueness and exclusiveness are high.

Presentation of culture

Pakistan is a rich country in terms of civilization and culture. Our culture always inspires the fashion designers of Pakistan. In the same way, Pakistan fashion botik designs are inspired by the Pakistani culture. Pakistani dresses are usually very colorful, stylish and modish. In this way, you can make your fashion statement in Pakistan and all across the world.

Pakistan fashion botik knows needs of local customer

There is no doubt that there is a flux of new trends and styles in the fashion industry of Pakistan. But Pakistani women always prefer the traditional attires. Botiks offer the outfits that are a combination of both the western and eastern styles. In fact, these outfits are a blend of both the western and eastern latest trends. In this way, you can enjoy the comfort and elegance of traditional dress along with a touch of modernization.

Pakistan fashion botik provide innovative ideas

As far as Pakistan fashion industry is concerned, there is enormous competition. All the brands try to manufacture high-quality outfits following the latest and modern trends. In this way, you can choose the best available apparel for you. Due to this competition, we can observe a reduction in the price of dresses. It is good for the customers with a low budget range.

Pakistan fashion botik provide versatility

Fashion trends keep on changing, and our local fashion designers know this aspect very well. When you visit a botik, you come across many designs. You can purchase a dress according to your choice. In this way, you can also keep on changing your style without any botheration.

Pleasant color combinations

What I like the most about fashion botiks is the presentation of Pleasant color combinations in their outfits. In Pakistan, women usually love to wear bright colors. These little things bring a soothing and cooling effect, especially during the summer season.

Choices are unlimited

Pakistan fashion botiks often provide a broad range of outfits. It provides the luxury to women to purchase a dress of their own choosing. In fact, you can select from hundreds of dresses available on a botik. That is why, I prefer to purchase outfits from a Pakistan fashion botik.

Latest trends in fashion Pakistan 2016

Fashion keeps on changing. Being female, we want to keep ourselves up to date regarding the latest fashion trends. Each year brings new collection, patterns, and styles of outfits and attires. With the advancement in the technology, women now have access to all the new trends and designs that has been introduced in the fashion industry. The Internet has played a vital role in keep the people up to date about new fashion trends in 2016. Today, I am here to help you with all the essential and necessary tips you may need while shopping for your trendy look. I will highlight the new trends and designs in fashion Pakistan 2016.

Choice of ‘separates’

Separate shirts and kurtis have gained extreme popularity in the recent time. Women, especially girls love to purchase separate printed and embroidered shirts. After that, they match the shirts with shalwar or trouser of their choice. In this way, you can make a right combination for your outfit. It is good from the economical point of view because a complete suit appears to be somehow costly and not within the budget of a common girl especially for working or college going girls. Trends are now shifting towards the use of tights as an alternative of shalwar or trouser. These tights are easily available in different fabrics, colors, and styles. Apart from that, these are not too much costly.

Shifting from long to short or normal length shirts

Long shirts are no longer in fashion. Women are now moving back to short or normal length shirts. A-line shirts are still trendy, but women are now looking for the embroidered shirts also. Embroidery on the neckline or at the bottom of the shirt is also listed in the latest trends of fashion Pakistan 2016. But keep in mind the fact that you must avoid long shirts for the year 2016. These kinds of attires are now considered as out of fashion.

Pajamas are back

Pajamas always look fabulous and trendy. These are easy to wear and bring a touch of fanciness to dress. In this respect, designers have now introduced pajamas in different new fabrics like jeans, etc. These are available in popping and eye-catching colors. Initially, these were only considered for the marriage functions and parties, but now you can wear these pajamas while you are going out for shopping or even to your college or university. These are very comfortable and easy to wear. I will prefer printed or embroidered short shirts with pajamas for fashion Pakistan 2016.

Keep your outfit loose

For 2016, the trends of tight shirts are no more in fashion. Women are looking for loose fitting shirts. As a matter of fact, people are now looking for ease and comfort along with style and fashion. 2016 will be considered as the year of the anti-fit. Jumpsuits and sweatshirts are also in fashion for the year 2016. These dresses look elegant, sophisticated and stylish. You can wear high heel shoes to add a touch of fashion and style.

Revival of desi trends in 2016

Marriage and part functions are an integral part of Pakistani society. Designers are blending the old and new styles to produce unique and exclusive bridal and party dresses for the year 2016. These dresses are not only elegant and sophisticated but also colorful. Without any doubts, the year 2016 is going to witness a revolution concerning the fashion designing industry in Pakistan. Due to extreme weather in most parts of the country, printed and embroidered lawn will remain the first choice for women. Patiala and dhoti shalwar is also being used in the lawn suits.

History and value of Pakistan fashion awards

Appreciations and recognition’s are the soul ingredients for growth, success, motivation. These are the necessary tools which pave a way to flourish in any field of life. This trend of cherishing has many similarities to the one which once was used in olden times. With the timely transitions, lives observed tremendous changes and things went on to shape unsurprisingly different. Such developments included mainly the lifestyle of people. They started adopting new fashion trends and to cope up with their increasing desires it compelled to have an industry for this purpose. Almost every land where people are living, the existence of a fashion industry has born its existence to meet the desires and needs of its people. In this regard, Pakistan fashion industry has played a vital role in transforming the lives its people as per their wants. Pakistan fashion awards are always a source of inspiration for them to work hard. Designers and models both male and female are of prime value when we talk about the fashion industry. An unending list of such creative masses is a part of Pakistani industry. We know that unless we recognize one’s work, it looks awkward and de-motivating; therefore, since the inception of this industry awards have always been given to those in public gatherings to appreciate their efforts and this routine is going on since its start. In this respect, Pakistan fashion awards play a vital role.

Pakistan fashion awards through the years:

Pakistan’s national TV, PTV started this at first by the name of PTV national awards. It is the largest official awards ceremony which is held by PTV. This awarding program was first introduced in the 1970s to encourage the best and most talented people from all fields of life. People were divided into different categories according to their fields. Among different types, a fashion industry category was also added to recognize the remarkable achievements of this fashion industry. It was just a beginning and no doubt an encouraging trend, but with the passage of time the rapid and vast growth in the fashion industry, led it to organize a separate award show ceremony to appreciate the most talented ones in this field.

In 2002, a very bold and encouraging step was taken by a soap brand named Lux and held a ceremony to award the most talented ones from fashion, film, and television industries. It is a 2nd largest award ceremony after PTV awards ceremony which is held annually in Pakistan. The purpose of these awards celebration is to promote “style” in the Pakistani fashion industry. Every year almost 30 awards are given to the models, fashion designers and actors with their respected categories. A most convincing way is adopted for this awarding. Voting of the public and opinions committee experts are used for this purpose. It is dubbed as Pakistan’s Oscar.

Now, the question comes to mind about what were the purposes for which this routine of awarding was adopted. Things may look absurd, but it’s a reality that every soul needs admiration. Success histories show that those nations where masses had been or are being encouraged for their contributions made and are making unbelievable growths in their fields of work. This thing stimulates a sense of pride, a feel of being different, motivation, inspiration and an increase in self-confidence. This thing not only encourages experts to have the mission of bringing best of best but also inspires the new-entrants to groom more realistically by choosing the footsteps of the pioneers of their relevant field. It all has brought a real name to our beloved country. Now, we have world famous designers, among that Deepak Parvani is the one who ranks at six number worldwide and No. 1 in the Middle East. Several renowned names are nominated for Pakistan fashion awards and they also won that.

Fashion Pakistani through the years

Pakistani fashion is a product of long time transition in the needs both socially and religiously, demands, likes, dislikes and behaviors of people of this land. Without any doubts, our rich culture and civilizations have always remained a source of inspiration for Fashion Pakistani.

When we talk about fashion that is not something we chant about an adopted trend but a fashion industry in fact. We see everything around us renders a sense of fashion.  It may seem humorous, but the reality shows that most of our normal routine actions carry a perception of fashion trends. From our eating, sitting, talking, dressing, walking, weeping, mocking, or any other action, everything depicts a sense of fashion.  This thing shows that today fashion has made its tenor felt in almost all phases of human life. Things look more gravitons and ridiculous when we see the people tending to have their pets in fashion zone.  We as a nation are the ambassador of fashion Pakistani.

Categories of fashion Pakistani

Moving on further we can see the fashion world into two categories: One category is which follows fashion trends and adopts them and the other category is the one who creates style and fashion statements for the others to have them in their lives. It can also be comprehended to those people who slightly touch fashion trends but still walk behind their styles to create their unique personality. They do so by adopting a self-created style to quench their thirst for the fashion and hence add something unique and different in the world of fashion. The craze and passion for fashion can be traced back to many ancient civilizations. One thing that may sound more exciting is that there lived many cultures on the face of the earth, and almost all of them were following fashion trends some way or the other.

History of Fashion Pakistani

 If we peep into the fashion history of Pakistan, we find that the fashions in the early 50s, 60s or even after that in 70s or 80s were surprisingly different from the fashion trends which are in at present. People of those decades used to wear the stuff which is totally different from the fashion stuff in today. In those time, women wore, short kameez (shirts), which grew shorter in length and men used to grow tight shirt trousers.

Versatility in Fashion Pakistani

Truly speaking, fashion is not just about having cosmetics for makeup or the hair-do which most of us presume. It is a sense of having a unique and pretty much good look in anything you wear. This incantation is created with the right kind of articles going along with the clothes and foot wear, making up there a pleasant picture to view. Mostly we see that people who find fashion accessories out of their purchasing power try to look cool in their casual dressing.

In the yester years, fashion was constrained to the actors in the film or those who were bold enough to carry themselves in the public that they were considered fashionable. But when showed their interest and craze for fashion, then this think lead the fashion to mold into a fashion industry. This change in an attitude of the people was very well taken by the fashion industry which resulted in a huge market to meet the demands of the public.

People love to have different textures of materials used in the outfits. Therefore, the designers provide them a full collection of dresses using all kinds of clothes.

All in all, the people of Pakistan love to wear attires and apparels of new styles and trends, and they don’t hesitate to do any experiments in this respect.

Ethnic Pakistani dress and stylish western dress

People in different countries wear unique dresses. The cultures and civilizations of a country inspire the dressing code of a country. Pakistan is a rich country regarding diversifying traditions and cultures. People wear different dresses that come in various styles, colors, and designs. But shalwar kameez is the main Pakistani dress that is popular all across the country. Both the men and women love to wear shalwar kameez because it is a comfortable and elegant dress.

From south to north, east to west, people have different choices of dresses. Shalwar kameez is important because it is also the national dress of Pakistan. Let us cast a cursory glance at the various aspects related to Pakistani dress and the western dress.

A Mixture or Blend of Pakistani dress and western dress

With the advancement in the technology, media is growing with every passing day, especially in Pakistan. Now, about 8% of the population of our country is using the internet. It has mainly inspired the youth to a huge extent. Now, you can observe young girls wearing long shirts with tights or on the other hand; they also wear jeans with the traditional kameez or kurti on the top. It is what we can easily say, a blend of Pakistani dress and western dress.

Another important factor is the introduction of the brands. As a matter of fact, people in Pakistan, are now conscious about brands. These brands usually use a combination of eastern and western style in their dresses. For instance, you can notice that women in Pakistan love to wear attire such as formal shirts and trousers, T-shirts, jeans, short blouses, knee-length skirts, and so forth. The society of Pakistan highly admires these outfits. Apart from that, now a day, western dresses are also considered as a symbol of elegance, style, and class. And there is nothing wrong with it. These are also comfortable for working women. In Pakistan, you can observe that many corporate have their particular dress codes and western dresses are always a part of their dressing code.

online and offline stores of the leading brands in Pakistan offer attires such as denim, sleeveless dresses, party wear dresses, evening apparels, cocktail dresses, formal dresses, and frocks. These dresses always present a blend of both the Eastern sophistication, elegance and the western style statement. Earlier on, these dresses were only worn by the upper class but now a day; these dresses are worn by most of the youngsters and professionals in Pakistan. Now, it does not depend upon your class but your choice.

Female dresses are now decorated with floral pattern and embroidery to give them an eastern touch.

The uniqueness of Pakistani dress

Despite all these innovative things happening around us, the traditional Pakistani dress is still unique and admired by most of us. Apart from the traditional shalwar kameez, women wear several other slightly changed forms of the shalwar kameez. They wear pajamas, frocks, and even saris. In the countryside, Pakistani women wear ghagra choli and sharara as casual dress. You can notice the importance and liking of Pakistani dress by this aspect that shalwar kameez is still worn by the majority of population irrespective of their original cultural or ethnical backgrounds.

Another important aspect of the popularity of this dress is that it is available in unlimited colors, fabric, and designs. So the choice is unlimited for the consumers in this respect.

All in all, a traditional dress acts as a symbol of the identity of a person. A Pakistani dress addresses the same thing for a common Pakistani.