The world is in awe of Pakistani fashion!


The first thing that might come to you when you hear of a country like Pakistan is strict rules and regulation on women. The idea what many people might have about dress of a Pakistani women is a burkha.  It becomes very easy to visualise a woman wrapped in a black burkha given that the country is not progressive towards women. This is a mind-set, which might have settled in a lot of people which would be swept away once we get to know in detail about the Pakistani fashion industry.

The Pakistani fashion industry is a perfect example of how to stay within limitations and yet produce items of artistic and traditional excellence. The thing that would amuse us the most is the ease with which this industry complies with the stringent rules and guidelines without compromising on fashion. The dresses that come out of these places are examples of beauty and can be worn in the most elegant manner possible. In the times where beauty is commonly mistaken with boldness the industry hold up the true sense of beauty without appearing unnecessarily bold or cheap.

The elegance and intricacy of the dresses are spellbinding!

The beauty of these dresses lies in the elegance and the class that it portrays. When you see someone wearing these dresses you feel like you need not be clad in less clothes in order to look attractive. The aura about these dresses is unmistakable and they are sure to turn eyes. These are the kind of dresses that make you stand out in a crowd. One more think that is there is their sense of colours and designs. The colours black, white and green predominate but their varying shades given new appearances to dresses.

Pakistani jewellery will stun you totally!

There is one thing that does not complete a woman’s dress and that is her jewellery. Given the fact that Pakistan has a rich heritage in art and architecture it comes as no surprise that they have one of the most astonishing collections of jewellery. Something that you would mostly find in this jewellery is precious and semi-precious stones, which are used in abundance in tandem with gold and silver. A new addition to these is metal jewellers, which are becoming increasingly popular amongst the new generation. Although it was not much prevalent before, it’s low price and equally (if not more) attractive nature is fetching it a lot of patrons. One that has been uncontested in all this time is stones whose use makes these jewellers look not only beautiful but also adds a touch of royalty to these. The thing to be notes here is the amazing craftsmanship at display at these jewellery stores who tend to have a rich display of irresistible jewellery.

Pakistani fashion is being portrayed to the world in a better light than it ever has been before owing to its extremely talented designers, who have won many laurels for their work and are ready to take Pakistani fashion to a whole new level altogether. It’s not long before they create a place for themselves in the world fashion platform.

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