Types of Pakistani Fashion clothing

Pakistani Fashion clothing

One of the recent and the most sought after types of clothing and fashion apparel in the world is Pakistani fashion. With the emerging fashion designers already making a serious dent in the world fashion scene and being highly sought after worldwide with designers having flagship stores all over the globe, Pakistani fashion is one of the biggest emerging markets that is sure to help you with a good look for your everyday purposes. Pakistani fashion designers are highly valued worldwide for their amazing and impeccable craftsmanship as well as elegant and clean cuts and an amazing understated yet chic take on outfits. With their creations being tailored to fit any type of price range, designers are pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional Pakistani fashion and coming up with one of a kind Eastern and Western contemporary wear.

Women’s traditional wear

One of the most important social events of Pakistan is that of a wedding. If you happen to have a wedding in the family or if you are getting married yourself, you need to ensure that you look better than you have ever looked I your life. Pakistani traditional wear like shararas, lehengas, anarkalis and salwar kameezes are some of the best and the most widely sought after bridal wear for brides and memers of the bridal party alike. Since you are going to be meeting almost all the family members, it is important that you look presentable and well dressed. With intricate detailing and amazing embroidery work with zari and other thread work on the bridal wear designs, you can never go wrong with Pakistani traditional wear. The options are more or less unlimited with a variety of styles and designs to choose from according to what suits your personal style statement and looks good on your body type.

Women’s western wear

However, Pakistani fashion, unlike most believe, is not limited to the traditional wear that Pakistan is famous for. One of the biggest misconceptions that you can have is that Pakistan does not cater to specific needs. With designers merging western influences with the eastern form, you have a huge array of different types of clothing top choose from. Western dresses are also quite popular with celebrities with many opting for frocks and skirts instead of salwar qameezes. Pakistani fashion designers like Maria. B and Nomi Ansari designing some of the most elegant and beautiful party wear dresses, you will never run out of options to choose from.

Men’s fashion

Pakistani Men’s fashion is one of the most brilliant in terms of diversity and looks and can help any man to look his dashing best. With a website recently ranking Pakistani actors as the third best dressed men in the world, these men are pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion and opting for looks that are absolutely dashing. Bonanza, Junaid Jamshed, Bareeze and other major fashion labels catering to men’s fashion, there is absolutely no way in which you can go wrong with Pakistani men’s fashion.

So, take inspiration from these style stories and create your own personal style statement today!

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