Top Pakistani fashion brands

Pakistani fashion brands

 We see that fashion industries are playing a very vital role in fulfilling the needs of their customers according to their desires and requirements. In this regard Pakistani fashion industry is also performing its important part by providing its customers the best of the clothing products for making a move with the world. People in Pakistan have tended dramatically to adopt latest trends in fashion circles around the world. Fashion sense has grown in people of all group ages, especially for women who love to have unique designs in their wearing collection. The matching sense is also boosting the industry to bring much more.  No doubt, It is a fact that women love to look beautiful and different. That is why women are so conscious about their clothes. The females in Pakistan want to use clothing brands which are World class and different as per desires. Therefore, designers have compelled to introduce the best to their customers. To achieve this goal they design their product which may look unique, attractive, best in quality, desirous, and different from other designer’s product. Now, the Western fashions are also in the clothes, but mostly people like to wear the dresses which traditionally sound them the best. It all can be seen in many colors of dresses, in different designs and especially in the tastes of people in our society. As this industry has grown bigger so, it is becoming a very profitable industry day by day. Therefore, the trend of being a fashion designer is on its way to increase. Many new fashion designers who recently have joined this field are doing a tremendous job in this regard and are successfully running their brands. Their efforts are not only being recognized within the country but also around the world in golden words.

We have prepared a list of top ten Pakistani fashion brands in Pakistan.

  1. Gull Ahmad:

No doubt, that Gull Ahmad is a big name in the textile industry. It is one of those prominent names which the Textile and Fashion Industry of Pakistan cannot forget at any cost. Gul Ahmed offers a lot of clothing brands of international quality and design not only for women but also for all genders of all group ages. It also offers fashion accessories of different categories like, shoes, jewelry, bags, perfumes and lot more other articles which are desired by fashion lovers. It is considered as number one among Pakistani fashion brands.


Nishat is world famous Pakistani brand. It has its spreads all over Asia and other countries of the world. Since, its inception in 1951, the brand is offering various Linen Dresses, Lawn Collections, and special occasion collections to its customers. Seasonal and Bridal dresses are in its brand collection. Nishat also offers Home Textile & the home decorations.


Since, 1985 Bareeze has got a famous place in Pakistani fashion industry by providing a variety of high-quality range of the Dresses which women to wear. The Bareeze Lawn is not only famous in Pakistan, but its demand is also increasing worldwide. Bazreeze also offers Home decoration items. It is top Pakistan fashion brand that provides superior quality designs in Lawn suiting.


Among the reputable brands of the fashion industry, Al-Karam is also the one which women love to wear. Al-Karam provides high-quality fabrics and elegant Dresses for all the occasions.

5-Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed brand was established in 2002, in Karachi. It offers a large variety of clothes to its customers. This Brand offers a high range of outfits with unique and color combination designs that differentiate it from the other outlets. The Kurtas are especially popular among the Fashion Lovers.

.6-Chen One

Chen one is a Pakistani Female Brands in Pakistan. It has thousands of stores across Pakistan. The Chen One offers cultural as well as Western Dresses along with ready to wear clothes. The Home Decoration pieces & accessories like perfumes jewelry, bags can also be found in its outlets.

Apart from that, there is a long list of Pakistani fashion brands that we will discuss in our upcoming posts.

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