The Patiala and Salwar Suit: Pakistani Style

Patiala and Salwar Suit

Thanks to the rapidly changing fashion scenario in Pakistan, there are today a number of options for the younger generation of Pakistani to choose from. While the new trends are welcome and explored, the tradition has not yet been compromised. So what we get to see is actually an awesome fusion of the local and the global, the intact Pakistani culture and art form and the appeal of the West and other influences. This is especially true for the girls and the women’s dresses since there we can find a lot of scope to experiment with. Also, this is been possible largely due to the gradually evolving fashion senses of the women in Pakistan, of all ages and from all walks of life. Naturally, the designers, both local and international are taking more and more interest in the modern trends and styles in Pakistan.

The modern day salwar kameez

One of the most authentic and traditional dresses for women in Pakistan is the Patiala and the salwar kameez suits, as it is in almost all other south Asian and middle east countries like India, Bangladesh etc. Apart from the cultural factor, it is also quite a comfortable and convenient dress for the ladies, given the hot and humid climate of all these countries and the extreme possibility of sun tan. Quite naturally, the salwar kameez has become rather popular with the women from all sections of the society. One of the best things about these new age salwar kameez and patialas is probably that, unlike any other dress, they can be worn anywhere, be it to the work, at home, at a party or at any traditional social function, and would not look out of place at all. Just the right design and the right accessories is all that are needed to get the perfect look for the occasion.

How the fashion has evolved?

With the newer influences and the ideas, the salwar kameez today has also gone through a lot of modifications and improvements, to make it all the more accessible and convenient for the wearers. While there has always been a huge array of colours and patterns depending on the choice of different people and also keeping in mind the age factor, the modern day cuts and the cloth materials are simply mind blowing which are sure to make everyone attractive. Today there is a wide variety of options in the print like the geometric ones, the abstract ones that look really cool and chic. Also, the materials are mostly cotton and there are much finer designs and cuts on the dresses to make them fit all sorts of body types. While some come with heavy embroidery works or zardousi works, some are just plain and simple without much work on them. Again, there are different types of prints and colours on some sets while some others come in solid colours and no prints at all. In fact, the chunris have undergone much change as well with their materials mostly being in plain chiffon or in cotton these days.

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