Pakistani fashion and the western style

Pakistani fashion

Fashion has always been an understated thing in an East Asian country like Pakistan, very much like our own India, although much less pronounced. There has always been an undercurrent of fashion among its people, be it men or women. Starting from big political leaders to various famous personalities like writers, cricketers and so on, have always been on the forefront of fashion magazines for their unique style and eye-grabbing persona.

Mostly when it comes to dresses and accessories, the people of Pakistan are rather choosy in their preferences and are able to make a cut of their own. Also, with the gradual advent of the global culture, the fashion and style trends have also been greatly influenced s that there is today a wonderful fusion of traditional culture and the contemporary trends and styles. While on the one hand, there is the old patterns and designs still available with the traditional dressing style, on the other there has been a lot of experimentation regarding the various dress styles and what has evolved is a very beautiful mix and match culture that is both convenient for the present generation as well as rather chic to sport.

The amazing fusion: east meets west

Now, over the years, the entire fashion scenario in Pakistan has no doubt gone a sea change with a number of international brands and international designers making their appearance there and also with the local designers of the country embracing the global culture more and more. Quite naturally, this union will be reflected in the dressing style of the people there which has given rise to a very classy yet modern way of get up. And this is true not just for the young generation, but also for the older ones as well and for people belonging to all classes of the society. However, when it comes to women’s fashion, the scene is much broader with a lot more scope for experimentation and thus market is much more varied. This may also be due to the reason that Pakistani women today are a lot more open to other cultures and trends and they no longer shy away from trying out different things. They love bold colours and dark prints with bold cuts and patterns which are not only unique in their appeal but are also rather comfortable to wear, especially for those women who are working or professionals.

What are the trends?

A growing trend in Pakistan among the present generation women is the teaming up of jeans with long kurtis, which is also a rather common sight in India too. This indeed is a great combination of ethnic and global style. While the chinos are a classic comfortable western wear, ditching the flowy patialas or churidars, the long kurtis with attractive prints or embroideries balances out the traditional factor while at the same time keeping the look as classy and cool as possible. Even long skirts with kurtis or T shirts are very popular among the women, with may be a dupatta thrown casually across the soldier.

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