Pakistani fashion – the rich and the most intricate of them all!


Fashion plays an important role in our lives. It is an important element in a society. A society is distinguished from each other. It changes over time. Changes in fashion have many reasons. The fashion people follow depends a lot on the socio-economic position of the country, its weather, culture, custom and religion.

Pakistan is a country with a very strict cultural norm. Islam binds the country very tightly. Fashion has its confinements largely to its women. The women of Pakistan have a strict dress code to follow as specified by their religion. They put immense importance to the religion and follow the paths of their religion.

It’s amazing how these women sport some stunningly stylish and fashionable attires. They are absolutely dazzling and very intricately done. Pakistani tailors are widely sought after throughout the world. Their magical creations have been famous for a very long time. Art and tailoring runs in the blood of Pakistanis. Here we will be talking about the various trends of Pakistani fashion.

  • Patiala Trend: This trend has been named after the place Patiala. This is kind of a salwar kameez where the bottom has uniform creases and also has a flair. Women wear kurtas with it and carry a dupatta. It is more of a Punjabi based fashion that is seen in Pakistan as well.
  • Heavy embroidered dupattas: The dupattas are a very crucial part of any attire. There are many Pakistani designers who have come up with incredible designs on dupattas. From heavy needle work to beautifully dyed dupattas, you can rely completely on these dupattas to complete your look for the day.
  • Khadi fabric: A lot of new fashion is being developed on khadi fabric. Its simplicity and matte effect has an enigma of its own. Brilliant cuts and designs of salwar kameezes have been released as latest fashion trends.
  • Pakistani fashion is no longer confined to the boundaries of the country. Fashion designers of Pakistan are earning laurels for themselves abroad at important fashion week programs. They are improvising on the various customs of the country and making them a global trend.
  • Lehengas and churidars: These are patent dresses of this country. Zari work on lehengas and churidars have had their origins here. Zari adds dazzle to any clothing and makes it a stunning and worth a steal.
  • Lace Work: Pakistanis love laces. There is a huge variety of laces available in various qualities, designs and sizes. It is generally seen that laces are used to decorate burkhas. They are also used to line kameezes to give it an enchanting look.

The men are not far behind!

Pakistani men are also following suit in fashion matters. The afghani pants and bandhgalas have taken over the fashion world of men for quite some time. Pakistani designers are coming up with dapper sherwanis, which men who are nonchalant about fashion cannot resist as well.

Pakistani fashion is going to emerge more significant in the recent future given its string of extremely talented designers who are already taking the fashion to showcase to the entire world.

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