Pakistani bridal fashion-bridal dress and jewelry

Bridal dress

When we think about Pakistani bridal fashion, several things like bright colors, jewelry and a mixture of new and old style come in our mind. From the fashion accessories to apparel, you come across non-stop variations regarding style and fashion. All the girls are always curious and passionate about the most important day of their life. They want to look attractive, lovely and unique. In fact, girls and their families start the preparation of wedding ceremony several months before the date of the event. Pakistani bridal fashion mainly revolves around the bridal dress, jewelry, and other accessories. Let me start with the bridal dress.

Bridal dress

Being a female, all of us want to look like a million dollar bride on our wedding day. In Pakistan, brides usually wear ethnic and traditional dresses for their marriage. Heavy machine or hand embroidery is applied to enhance the elegancy and charisma of the dress. Fabric including pure chiffon, silk, banarsi, brocade, net, tissue, organza, and georgette are used as the primary material of a bridal dress. In addition to that, bridal dresses are studded with beads, sequins and crystal stones. Red is considered as the main color for the bridal dress. But with the passage of time, we have witnessed few revolutionary changes in Pakistani bridal fashion. People are now using other colors than red such as blue, golden, brown, off white mixed with golden or brown. But heavy embroidery is always an integral part of Pakistani bridal dress.

As far as the style of Pakistani bridal dress is considered, it heavily depends upon the region of the bride. The culture often inspires these styles. Typically, brides wear shalwar kameez, lehnga, hidrabadi frock with choridar pajama, embroided ungrakha with choridar pajama, sharara, and gharara. With the moderinization, now people are adapting many other styles and varieties of bridal dresses. These modern bridal dresses are inspired by the cultures of Turkey, Iran and in some cases west.

As Pakistani wedding ceremonies consist of two to three days so bridal dresses are prepared according to the particular function of the marriage. For the event of Mehndi, brides usually wear shalwar kameez with a dopatta. The color of the dopatta is yellow or orange. These colors are considered as a symbol of the Mehndi function and we don’t see any diversity in this respect.

Bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry is an integral part of Pakistani bridal fashion.


It is a forehead ornament. It is attached to the hair, and the length is up to the hairline. It is an important part of Pakistani bridal fashion.

Nath or Nose-rings

It is a nose-ring but it is hefty, and it may include precious stones and gems, etc. Modern brides now wear diamond nose-ring.


Various precious materials make these necklaces like gold, platinum, silver, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. These are multi-layered heavy chains. Without a necklace, bride accessories are considered as incomplete.


The bride wears Set of six to ten bangles. Now a day, heavy stones are also used in the bracelets made for Pakistani bride.


It has now become a common practice to use Panjagla instead of rings. It looks pretty, and it is also heavier as compared to the rings.

Toe rings/ Anklet

Bejeweled golden and silver anklets along with beautiful toe-rings are also an important part of Pakistani bridal fashion.


It has gained extreme popularity in the recent time. It is a bracelet that is worn on the upper part of the arm.

Whether it is Pakistani bridal dress or jewelry, a huge amount of money is spent, and it is also considered as a tradition in Pakistan.

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