New Pakistani fashion trends for women


Through ages and centuries, Pakistan has always been known as a veiled country where the term fashion was not much heard of, although it has its own sense of fashion steeped in its long tradition and culture. However, with the gradually evolving times, the terms are taking all new connotations and the different countries are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world and its enormous fashion scenario.

Today, Pakistan is no longer just a blind follower of fashion trends and cultures but has its own sets of ideas and fashion sense. With the gradually advancing lot of the newer generation in the country, the fashion market is taking an upward turn where the younger people are exploring new designs, patterns and cuts, not just in the parties and the occasions but even in their regular wears. This is equally true for both the men and the women and what is more important is that, this new found sense of fashion is not just restricted to a particular age group or a particular class of people, but can be seen even among the very common people.

How has it evolved?

However, when it comes to fashion, women are the most highlighted and even the foremost aspect that comes to our mind, may be because of the sheer variety and array of fashion trends and channels that are available in this arena. Naturally, fashion for women in Pakistan is bound to be something interesting as it is no doubt a combination or much rather a wonderful fusion of the ethnic roots and the global feel. Thus while on the one hand their fashion sense has evolved with a strong hold to their roots and cultures, on the other, there is no denying the appeal of the modern trends and cultures. This can be found most prominently in the traditional dresses of Pakistan that carry a very bold statement of this very fact. There are newer experiments with the prints, patterns and even with the colours. What probably used to be a religious dress, has turned out to be more of a fashion statement.

What’s in for the women?

The modern Pakistani women who are not just educated and confident of their own individuality, but also have their own in built sense of fashion, do not any longer shy away from wearing trousers, palazzos and of course, the ripped jeans that has taken the world by storm in the last few years. In fact, the kurtis and the long skirts are also quite a common sight today in Pakistan. However, the most popular and common kind of evolution is found in the salwars and the patialas. While the basic structures of the dresses still remain true to their ethnicity, what has changed is probably the cuts, designs and the patterns. Apart from the fact that various types of cloth materials are being used and various types of modern prints are quite in vogue, the modern patialas also come with deeper cuts and bolder colour combinations.

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