History and value of Pakistan fashion awards

Pakistan fashion awards

Appreciations and recognition’s are the soul ingredients for growth, success, motivation. These are the necessary tools which pave a way to flourish in any field of life. This trend of cherishing has many similarities to the one which once was used in olden times. With the timely transitions, lives observed tremendous changes and things went on to shape unsurprisingly different. Such developments included mainly the lifestyle of people. They started adopting new fashion trends and to cope up with their increasing desires it compelled to have an industry for this purpose. Almost every land where people are living, the existence of a fashion industry has born its existence to meet the desires and needs of its people. In this regard, Pakistan fashion industry has played a vital role in transforming the lives its people as per their wants. Pakistan fashion awards are always a source of inspiration for them to work hard. Designers and models both male and female are of prime value when we talk about the fashion industry. An unending list of such creative masses is a part of Pakistani industry. We know that unless we recognize one’s work, it looks awkward and de-motivating; therefore, since the inception of this industry awards have always been given to those in public gatherings to appreciate their efforts and this routine is going on since its start. In this respect, Pakistan fashion awards play a vital role.

Pakistan fashion awards through the years:

Pakistan’s national TV, PTV started this at first by the name of PTV national awards. It is the largest official awards ceremony which is held by PTV. This awarding program was first introduced in the 1970s to encourage the best and most talented people from all fields of life. People were divided into different categories according to their fields. Among different types, a fashion industry category was also added to recognize the remarkable achievements of this fashion industry. It was just a beginning and no doubt an encouraging trend, but with the passage of time the rapid and vast growth in the fashion industry, led it to organize a separate award show ceremony to appreciate the most talented ones in this field.

In 2002, a very bold and encouraging step was taken by a soap brand named Lux and held a ceremony to award the most talented ones from fashion, film, and television industries. It is a 2nd largest award ceremony after PTV awards ceremony which is held annually in Pakistan. The purpose of these awards celebration is to promote “style” in the Pakistani fashion industry. Every year almost 30 awards are given to the models, fashion designers and actors with their respected categories. A most convincing way is adopted for this awarding. Voting of the public and opinions committee experts are used for this purpose. It is dubbed as Pakistan’s Oscar.

Now, the question comes to mind about what were the purposes for which this routine of awarding was adopted. Things may look absurd, but it’s a reality that every soul needs admiration. Success histories show that those nations where masses had been or are being encouraged for their contributions made and are making unbelievable growths in their fields of work. This thing stimulates a sense of pride, a feel of being different, motivation, inspiration and an increase in self-confidence. This thing not only encourages experts to have the mission of bringing best of best but also inspires the new-entrants to groom more realistically by choosing the footsteps of the pioneers of their relevant field. It all has brought a real name to our beloved country. Now, we have world famous designers, among that Deepak Parvani is the one who ranks at six number worldwide and No. 1 in the Middle East. Several renowned names are nominated for Pakistan fashion awards and they also won that.

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