Ethnic Pakistani dress and stylish western dress

Pakistani dress

People in different countries wear unique dresses. The cultures and civilizations of a country inspire the dressing code of a country. Pakistan is a rich country regarding diversifying traditions and cultures. People wear different dresses that come in various styles, colors, and designs. But shalwar kameez is the main Pakistani dress that is popular all across the country. Both the men and women love to wear shalwar kameez because it is a comfortable and elegant dress.

From south to north, east to west, people have different choices of dresses. Shalwar kameez is important because it is also the national dress of Pakistan. Let us cast a cursory glance at the various aspects related to Pakistani dress and the western dress.

A Mixture or Blend of Pakistani dress and western dress

With the advancement in the technology, media is growing with every passing day, especially in Pakistan. Now, about 8% of the population of our country is using the internet. It has mainly inspired the youth to a huge extent. Now, you can observe young girls wearing long shirts with tights or on the other hand; they also wear jeans with the traditional kameez or kurti on the top. It is what we can easily say, a blend of Pakistani dress and western dress.

Another important factor is the introduction of the brands. As a matter of fact, people in Pakistan, are now conscious about brands. These brands usually use a combination of eastern and western style in their dresses. For instance, you can notice that women in Pakistan love to wear attire such as formal shirts and trousers, T-shirts, jeans, short blouses, knee-length skirts, and so forth. The society of Pakistan highly admires these outfits. Apart from that, now a day, western dresses are also considered as a symbol of elegance, style, and class. And there is nothing wrong with it. These are also comfortable for working women. In Pakistan, you can observe that many corporate have their particular dress codes and western dresses are always a part of their dressing code.

online and offline stores of the leading brands in Pakistan offer attires such as denim, sleeveless dresses, party wear dresses, evening apparels, cocktail dresses, formal dresses, and frocks. These dresses always present a blend of both the Eastern sophistication, elegance and the western style statement. Earlier on, these dresses were only worn by the upper class but now a day; these dresses are worn by most of the youngsters and professionals in Pakistan. Now, it does not depend upon your class but your choice.

Female dresses are now decorated with floral pattern and embroidery to give them an eastern touch.

The uniqueness of Pakistani dress

Despite all these innovative things happening around us, the traditional Pakistani dress is still unique and admired by most of us. Apart from the traditional shalwar kameez, women wear several other slightly changed forms of the shalwar kameez. They wear pajamas, frocks, and even saris. In the countryside, Pakistani women wear ghagra choli and sharara as casual dress. You can notice the importance and liking of Pakistani dress by this aspect that shalwar kameez is still worn by the majority of population irrespective of their original cultural or ethnical backgrounds.

Another important aspect of the popularity of this dress is that it is available in unlimited colors, fabric, and designs. So the choice is unlimited for the consumers in this respect.

All in all, a traditional dress acts as a symbol of the identity of a person. A Pakistani dress addresses the same thing for a common Pakistani.

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