The Patiala and Salwar Suit: Pakistani Style

Thanks to the rapidly changing fashion scenario in Pakistan, there are today a number of options for the younger generation of Pakistani to choose from. While the new trends are welcome and explored, the tradition has not yet been compromised. So what we get to see is actually an awesome fusion of the local and the global, the intact Pakistani culture and art form and the appeal of the West and other influences. This is especially true for the girls and the women’s dresses since there we can find a lot of scope to experiment with. Also, this is been possible largely due to the gradually evolving fashion senses of the women in Pakistan, of all ages and from all walks of life. Naturally, the designers, both local and international are taking more and more interest in the modern trends and styles in Pakistan.

The modern day salwar kameez

One of the most authentic and traditional dresses for women in Pakistan is the Patiala and the salwar kameez suits, as it is in almost all other south Asian and middle east countries like India, Bangladesh etc. Apart from the cultural factor, it is also quite a comfortable and convenient dress for the ladies, given the hot and humid climate of all these countries and the extreme possibility of sun tan. Quite naturally, the salwar kameez has become rather popular with the women from all sections of the society. One of the best things about these new age salwar kameez and patialas is probably that, unlike any other dress, they can be worn anywhere, be it to the work, at home, at a party or at any traditional social function, and would not look out of place at all. Just the right design and the right accessories is all that are needed to get the perfect look for the occasion.

How the fashion has evolved?

With the newer influences and the ideas, the salwar kameez today has also gone through a lot of modifications and improvements, to make it all the more accessible and convenient for the wearers. While there has always been a huge array of colours and patterns depending on the choice of different people and also keeping in mind the age factor, the modern day cuts and the cloth materials are simply mind blowing which are sure to make everyone attractive. Today there is a wide variety of options in the print like the geometric ones, the abstract ones that look really cool and chic. Also, the materials are mostly cotton and there are much finer designs and cuts on the dresses to make them fit all sorts of body types. While some come with heavy embroidery works or zardousi works, some are just plain and simple without much work on them. Again, there are different types of prints and colours on some sets while some others come in solid colours and no prints at all. In fact, the chunris have undergone much change as well with their materials mostly being in plain chiffon or in cotton these days.

Pakistani fashion and the western style

Fashion has always been an understated thing in an East Asian country like Pakistan, very much like our own India, although much less pronounced. There has always been an undercurrent of fashion among its people, be it men or women. Starting from big political leaders to various famous personalities like writers, cricketers and so on, have always been on the forefront of fashion magazines for their unique style and eye-grabbing persona.

Mostly when it comes to dresses and accessories, the people of Pakistan are rather choosy in their preferences and are able to make a cut of their own. Also, with the gradual advent of the global culture, the fashion and style trends have also been greatly influenced s that there is today a wonderful fusion of traditional culture and the contemporary trends and styles. While on the one hand, there is the old patterns and designs still available with the traditional dressing style, on the other there has been a lot of experimentation regarding the various dress styles and what has evolved is a very beautiful mix and match culture that is both convenient for the present generation as well as rather chic to sport.

The amazing fusion: east meets west

Now, over the years, the entire fashion scenario in Pakistan has no doubt gone a sea change with a number of international brands and international designers making their appearance there and also with the local designers of the country embracing the global culture more and more. Quite naturally, this union will be reflected in the dressing style of the people there which has given rise to a very classy yet modern way of get up. And this is true not just for the young generation, but also for the older ones as well and for people belonging to all classes of the society. However, when it comes to women’s fashion, the scene is much broader with a lot more scope for experimentation and thus market is much more varied. This may also be due to the reason that Pakistani women today are a lot more open to other cultures and trends and they no longer shy away from trying out different things. They love bold colours and dark prints with bold cuts and patterns which are not only unique in their appeal but are also rather comfortable to wear, especially for those women who are working or professionals.

What are the trends?

A growing trend in Pakistan among the present generation women is the teaming up of jeans with long kurtis, which is also a rather common sight in India too. This indeed is a great combination of ethnic and global style. While the chinos are a classic comfortable western wear, ditching the flowy patialas or churidars, the long kurtis with attractive prints or embroideries balances out the traditional factor while at the same time keeping the look as classy and cool as possible. Even long skirts with kurtis or T shirts are very popular among the women, with may be a dupatta thrown casually across the soldier.

Pakistani fashion – the rich and the most intricate of them all!

Fashion plays an important role in our lives. It is an important element in a society. A society is distinguished from each other. It changes over time. Changes in fashion have many reasons. The fashion people follow depends a lot on the socio-economic position of the country, its weather, culture, custom and religion.

Pakistan is a country with a very strict cultural norm. Islam binds the country very tightly. Fashion has its confinements largely to its women. The women of Pakistan have a strict dress code to follow as specified by their religion. They put immense importance to the religion and follow the paths of their religion.

It’s amazing how these women sport some stunningly stylish and fashionable attires. They are absolutely dazzling and very intricately done. Pakistani tailors are widely sought after throughout the world. Their magical creations have been famous for a very long time. Art and tailoring runs in the blood of Pakistanis. Here we will be talking about the various trends of Pakistani fashion.

  • Patiala Trend: This trend has been named after the place Patiala. This is kind of a salwar kameez where the bottom has uniform creases and also has a flair. Women wear kurtas with it and carry a dupatta. It is more of a Punjabi based fashion that is seen in Pakistan as well.
  • Heavy embroidered dupattas: The dupattas are a very crucial part of any attire. There are many Pakistani designers who have come up with incredible designs on dupattas. From heavy needle work to beautifully dyed dupattas, you can rely completely on these dupattas to complete your look for the day.
  • Khadi fabric: A lot of new fashion is being developed on khadi fabric. Its simplicity and matte effect has an enigma of its own. Brilliant cuts and designs of salwar kameezes have been released as latest fashion trends.
  • Pakistani fashion is no longer confined to the boundaries of the country. Fashion designers of Pakistan are earning laurels for themselves abroad at important fashion week programs. They are improvising on the various customs of the country and making them a global trend.
  • Lehengas and churidars: These are patent dresses of this country. Zari work on lehengas and churidars have had their origins here. Zari adds dazzle to any clothing and makes it a stunning and worth a steal.
  • Lace Work: Pakistanis love laces. There is a huge variety of laces available in various qualities, designs and sizes. It is generally seen that laces are used to decorate burkhas. They are also used to line kameezes to give it an enchanting look.

The men are not far behind!

Pakistani men are also following suit in fashion matters. The afghani pants and bandhgalas have taken over the fashion world of men for quite some time. Pakistani designers are coming up with dapper sherwanis, which men who are nonchalant about fashion cannot resist as well.

Pakistani fashion is going to emerge more significant in the recent future given its string of extremely talented designers who are already taking the fashion to showcase to the entire world.

The world is in awe of Pakistani fashion!

The first thing that might come to you when you hear of a country like Pakistan is strict rules and regulation on women. The idea what many people might have about dress of a Pakistani women is a burkha.  It becomes very easy to visualise a woman wrapped in a black burkha given that the country is not progressive towards women. This is a mind-set, which might have settled in a lot of people which would be swept away once we get to know in detail about the Pakistani fashion industry.

The Pakistani fashion industry is a perfect example of how to stay within limitations and yet produce items of artistic and traditional excellence. The thing that would amuse us the most is the ease with which this industry complies with the stringent rules and guidelines without compromising on fashion. The dresses that come out of these places are examples of beauty and can be worn in the most elegant manner possible. In the times where beauty is commonly mistaken with boldness the industry hold up the true sense of beauty without appearing unnecessarily bold or cheap.

The elegance and intricacy of the dresses are spellbinding!

The beauty of these dresses lies in the elegance and the class that it portrays. When you see someone wearing these dresses you feel like you need not be clad in less clothes in order to look attractive. The aura about these dresses is unmistakable and they are sure to turn eyes. These are the kind of dresses that make you stand out in a crowd. One more think that is there is their sense of colours and designs. The colours black, white and green predominate but their varying shades given new appearances to dresses.

Pakistani jewellery will stun you totally!

There is one thing that does not complete a woman’s dress and that is her jewellery. Given the fact that Pakistan has a rich heritage in art and architecture it comes as no surprise that they have one of the most astonishing collections of jewellery. Something that you would mostly find in this jewellery is precious and semi-precious stones, which are used in abundance in tandem with gold and silver. A new addition to these is metal jewellers, which are becoming increasingly popular amongst the new generation. Although it was not much prevalent before, it’s low price and equally (if not more) attractive nature is fetching it a lot of patrons. One that has been uncontested in all this time is stones whose use makes these jewellers look not only beautiful but also adds a touch of royalty to these. The thing to be notes here is the amazing craftsmanship at display at these jewellery stores who tend to have a rich display of irresistible jewellery.

Pakistani fashion is being portrayed to the world in a better light than it ever has been before owing to its extremely talented designers, who have won many laurels for their work and are ready to take Pakistani fashion to a whole new level altogether. It’s not long before they create a place for themselves in the world fashion platform.

New Pakistani fashion trends for women

Through ages and centuries, Pakistan has always been known as a veiled country where the term fashion was not much heard of, although it has its own sense of fashion steeped in its long tradition and culture. However, with the gradually evolving times, the terms are taking all new connotations and the different countries are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world and its enormous fashion scenario.

Today, Pakistan is no longer just a blind follower of fashion trends and cultures but has its own sets of ideas and fashion sense. With the gradually advancing lot of the newer generation in the country, the fashion market is taking an upward turn where the younger people are exploring new designs, patterns and cuts, not just in the parties and the occasions but even in their regular wears. This is equally true for both the men and the women and what is more important is that, this new found sense of fashion is not just restricted to a particular age group or a particular class of people, but can be seen even among the very common people.

How has it evolved?

However, when it comes to fashion, women are the most highlighted and even the foremost aspect that comes to our mind, may be because of the sheer variety and array of fashion trends and channels that are available in this arena. Naturally, fashion for women in Pakistan is bound to be something interesting as it is no doubt a combination or much rather a wonderful fusion of the ethnic roots and the global feel. Thus while on the one hand their fashion sense has evolved with a strong hold to their roots and cultures, on the other, there is no denying the appeal of the modern trends and cultures. This can be found most prominently in the traditional dresses of Pakistan that carry a very bold statement of this very fact. There are newer experiments with the prints, patterns and even with the colours. What probably used to be a religious dress, has turned out to be more of a fashion statement.

What’s in for the women?

The modern Pakistani women who are not just educated and confident of their own individuality, but also have their own in built sense of fashion, do not any longer shy away from wearing trousers, palazzos and of course, the ripped jeans that has taken the world by storm in the last few years. In fact, the kurtis and the long skirts are also quite a common sight today in Pakistan. However, the most popular and common kind of evolution is found in the salwars and the patialas. While the basic structures of the dresses still remain true to their ethnicity, what has changed is probably the cuts, designs and the patterns. Apart from the fact that various types of cloth materials are being used and various types of modern prints are quite in vogue, the modern patialas also come with deeper cuts and bolder colour combinations.

Types of Pakistani Fashion clothing

One of the recent and the most sought after types of clothing and fashion apparel in the world is Pakistani fashion. With the emerging fashion designers already making a serious dent in the world fashion scene and being highly sought after worldwide with designers having flagship stores all over the globe, Pakistani fashion is one of the biggest emerging markets that is sure to help you with a good look for your everyday purposes. Pakistani fashion designers are highly valued worldwide for their amazing and impeccable craftsmanship as well as elegant and clean cuts and an amazing understated yet chic take on outfits. With their creations being tailored to fit any type of price range, designers are pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional Pakistani fashion and coming up with one of a kind Eastern and Western contemporary wear.

Women’s traditional wear

One of the most important social events of Pakistan is that of a wedding. If you happen to have a wedding in the family or if you are getting married yourself, you need to ensure that you look better than you have ever looked I your life. Pakistani traditional wear like shararas, lehengas, anarkalis and salwar kameezes are some of the best and the most widely sought after bridal wear for brides and memers of the bridal party alike. Since you are going to be meeting almost all the family members, it is important that you look presentable and well dressed. With intricate detailing and amazing embroidery work with zari and other thread work on the bridal wear designs, you can never go wrong with Pakistani traditional wear. The options are more or less unlimited with a variety of styles and designs to choose from according to what suits your personal style statement and looks good on your body type.

Women’s western wear

However, Pakistani fashion, unlike most believe, is not limited to the traditional wear that Pakistan is famous for. One of the biggest misconceptions that you can have is that Pakistan does not cater to specific needs. With designers merging western influences with the eastern form, you have a huge array of different types of clothing top choose from. Western dresses are also quite popular with celebrities with many opting for frocks and skirts instead of salwar qameezes. Pakistani fashion designers like Maria. B and Nomi Ansari designing some of the most elegant and beautiful party wear dresses, you will never run out of options to choose from.

Men’s fashion

Pakistani Men’s fashion is one of the most brilliant in terms of diversity and looks and can help any man to look his dashing best. With a website recently ranking Pakistani actors as the third best dressed men in the world, these men are pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion and opting for looks that are absolutely dashing. Bonanza, Junaid Jamshed, Bareeze and other major fashion labels catering to men’s fashion, there is absolutely no way in which you can go wrong with Pakistani men’s fashion.

So, take inspiration from these style stories and create your own personal style statement today!

The best dressed male celebrities in Pakistan

In the recent times with Pakistani fashion coming into the limelight, celebrities are going all out and creating amazing personal style that is extremely unique. These celebrities just look so handsome and they have a style statement that looks just perfect and can inspire your personal style as well. Pakistani men’s fashion is one of the most appreciated as well, with a website ranking Pakistani male celebrities as the third most fashionable in the world.

  1. Fawad Khan

One of the most handsome men in Bollywood as well as Pakistani small screen, this powerhouse performer is one of the most handsome and well dressed men in the world. From his entry into stardom, he has been ruling hearts has an amazing personal style statement that is just elegant and classy.

  1. Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar is one of the most talented artists with his amazing acting skills and singing skills and even painting skills. He dominates every list of good looking and stylish men and looks so amazing with his impeccable style statement.

  1. Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is one of the most popular singers in Pakistan as well as India and his songs are just so soulful. Atif has one of the most amazing dressing sense that suits his body type and personality. This is one man that you can definitely take inspiration from for your personal style statement.

  1. Farhan Saeed

Farhaan Saeed’s amazing voice isn’t the only thing that makes him an amazing celebrity with a huge fan base With a dapper sense of style, this man rocks the stage and looks completely at ease while doing so. The singer has also started a new television series on Hum TV and his impeccable dressing sense just makes him one of the best dressed man in the industry.

  1. Hasnain Lehri

With a background in modelling, Hasnain Lehri is one of the men who really has the best taste in fashion and can rock every type of outfit that he dons. However, he definitely looks the best in kurtis and his signature beard.

  1. Abbas Jaffrey

One of the top models in Pakistan, Abbas Jaffery has been applauded for his unique and amazing style. His signature long beard and hair is one of the trademark looks that the model sports and it just goes seamlessly with his attitude.

  1. Sheheryar Munawar Siddique

This Pakistani actor of Zindagi Gulzar hai fame is one of the most popular actors with a huge fan base. He is not afraid to experiment with his style statements and he just pulls off every type of look that he wants to, effortlessly.

  1. Humza Ali Abbasi

Humza’s has an amazing sense of style that looks upscale. Humza Ali Abbasi just looks so amazing with his sophisticated style statement and is always dressed to kill in traditional Pakistani kurtis.

With these men dominating the fashion scene in Pakistan, you can ensure that you will never run out of sources to draw inspiration from. With amazing outfits for every occasion, you too can look as amazing as these sophisticated men.

Looks to be inspired by from Pakistani Celebrities

Some of the most iconic fashion statements come from movies and television series superstars who are able to inspire millions about the pinnacles of dreaming and turning your dreams into reality. These superstars not only completely change the dominant fashion scene with their bold and beautiful outfits from the movies and TV shows, but also, these superstars are amazing on the red carpets at events and basically as many public appearances that they make. These celebrated artists are some of the best stylists who are dedicated to putting together amazing outfits with all the different components perfectly in place and therefore, these outfits are best inspiration for your personal style. Some of the most amazing celebrity appearance style stories of 2015 are described below.

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali’s newest look in a bottle green outfit looks so beautiful and classy and is a perfect option for going to any traditional events. The outfit has a ruched skirt and a beautiful embroidered blue top. The jhumkas complete the outfit and match the maangtika and the entire outfit makes for one of the best looks for a wedding.

Azeya Khan

Her beautiful light green gown is the best option for any day outing where you need to wear a traditional outfit. This beautiful organza gown has a beautiful embroidered design with a lightly sequinned pattern that looks delicate and ephemeral.

Saba Qamar

With the latest trend for nude coloured clothing going rampant all over the world, Saba Qamar shows just how beautiful this trend can help you. The nude saree that she wears looks so gorgeous on her, with just a pop of colour from the red blouse. The nude sequins are tactfully placed and minimal, adding to the charm of the outfit.

Urva Hocane

If you are looking for a more western option, you can take inspiration from Urva Hocane. The nude crop top accentuates her beautiful skin and the full skirt with a floral pattern can help you to look gorgeous. The statement neckpiece is the best way to complete the entire look and stand out in the crowd.

Sanam Jung

If you are looking to go for a more natural and less made up look for a daily outing, you can take inspiration from the light pink shalwar qameez that she wears. The light pink qameez looks simple with just a little dressy with a zari embroidered arm. The dupatta in hot pink looks amazing and can help you to complete the look with some contrast.

Syra Yousuf

For a light and relaxed, yet dressy look, you can take inspiration from Syra Yousuf. Her beautiful white kurti looks elegant and classy and can be paired up with any dupatta with a contrast. In her case, she pairs the outfit with a green embroidered dupatta that looks amazing.

With these inspirations from actresses and celebrities, you can ensure that you will look amazing at any event that you need to attend and help you to develop an amazing personal style statement.

The best Fashion designers from Pakistan

You must have heard of the phras, “clothes maketh a man”. This article will bring the focus on the men who make the clothes; the leading designers of Pakistani fashion. With Pakistan being one of the most rapidly growing fashion industries in the world, Pakistani designers are going all out to make some of the most stunning creations both on and off the ramp. These designers are some of the most well recognized faces in the industry and are taking over the entire globe with their amazing and unique designs. So, here is a look at some of the top designers in Pakistan.

Hassan Shaharyar Yasin

One of the biggest names in the industry, this designer started out from Lahore and has been in the business since 1994. Graduating from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design in 2000, he has worked both as a fashion choreographer and a designer. His brand HSY has 14 centres worldwide and is primarily based on bridal wear and jewellery designing.

Asim Jofa

Carrying on the family tradition, he started off as a jewellery designer with an highly exclusive boutique for diamond jewellery. He has also created a number of clothing lines and has been awarded the best designer at the International Asian Fashion Awards in 2012. His Asim Jofa Signature Pret Line has been internationally acclaimed.

Deepak Perwnai

Actor and designer Deepak Perwani is one of the most eminent members of the Hindu Sindhi Community in Pakistan and has been a well known face at a number of national and international fashion shows with his highly acclaimed luxury and bridal wear line.

Fahad Hussayn

Born in Faisalabad, this designer has been a student of the Beaconhouse National University. His clothes reflect a combination of simple cuts and modern art with zari work. Known as the youngest designer with great potential, this is one designer to look out for!

Maria. B

One of the best known designers hailing from Pakistan, this designer has created an incredible collection of labels with popular names like M.KIDS, M Brides, M Girl, Maria B Lawn, Maria B. Cotton and many more. Her signature style is simple prints with elegant and exquisite necklines.

Bunto Kazmi

One of the most sought after designers in Pakistan, her inspiration stems from the Mughal era and therefore, her creations are some of the most regal and make for amazing Bridal wear. Representing Pakistani tradition in a nutshell, this designer has one of the best bridal collections that is gorgeous and practical at the same time.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari has taken the fashion market by storm with his unique merging of eastern styles with a modernistic touch. With his works dominating the ramps at most fashion shows, this is one emerging talent to watch out for.

Sana Safinaz

This brand, started by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir is one of the most well known and internationally acclaimed fashion brands that have been in the business for almost 25 years.

These are some of the most well known faces in the world of Pakistani Fashion. With their amazing creations already taking the world by storm, it is not long before Pakistani fashion comes to the limelight.

Wedding dress designs that are in this season

One of the most romanticized moments in a girl’s life is the day of her marriage. Most girls have fantasized about getting married at least once in her life and therefore the wedding has to be absolutely perfect. The first thing most girls fantasize about is looking like a princess on her wedding day and therefore, the wedding dress that a bride-to-be is to wear must match up to their expectation. Thus, it is extremely important that you are up-to-date with the recent trends of wedding fashion. Moreover, it is also important to stay grounded in tradition. So, if you are confused about what to wear for your big day, here are a few ideas to help you through the ordeal.

The year 2015 has been a landmark in Pakistani Bridal fashion with almost all the leading fashion designers going all out to create stunning bridal wear pieces that are sure to help you achieve the perfect look for your big day. With the recent interest in bridal dresses and westernized gowns, these designers have come up with amazing ways to incorporate both the influences of the East and the West to create bridal wear that is truly one of a kind. One of the things that you must keep in mind on your wedding day is that it is not always socially acceptable to stray from tradition too much as it can be quite scandalous and disrespectful. So a combination of both the western and eastern influence is a better idea if you are looking to wear a gown to the ceremony. In this respect, an anarkali gown can be a very good idea for a wedding gown. With the small train and beautiful detailing, these gowns are simply majestic and is ideal for anyone who is looking to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

If you are planning on a more traditional look, lehengas and shararas are the way to go. However, with the beautiful designs and resplendent embroidery work in different types of zari, dabka as well as other beats. These wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to be old-fashioned as designers are coming up with beautiful types of embroidery work that preserve the tradition of the country as well as add a modernistic twist to the dresses. With several outfits to be chosen for each individual day of the ceremony, it is a good idea to experiment with the different styles and designs that are available and figure out the one that looks perfect for you.

Another option for women is a gorgeous anarkali with a skirt. This dress belonging to the Mughal era will help you to feel like every bit the regal princess that you dreamt of being and help you steal the limelight on your special day.

With a myriad of options to choose from, you can have a great time with shopping for your ideal wedding dress. These are some of the styles that can help you look radiant and gorgeous on your wedding day and help you feel like a princess.